Update date: 3 March 2014
Author: Monika
Jadymy to Biylska-Biołej, which is a mini guide to Bielsko-Biała, Silesian dialect

Biylsko-Bioło, the city, the mountains, the same lies kiere Beskdym-Ślonskim and one of nojpiykniyjszych miyjsc Of Ślonskigo. Kożdy, wto to the nose zawito, bydzie neniy łoboczyć chałpy piykne ino can but just przefajne łobrozki nature and roztomajte fajrowani-so begins the latest mini guide of Bielsko-Biała, released by the Office for the promotion of the city.
Released in Silesian dialect publication is a response to the great interest in the town-the white residents of our State. We also hope that she may wish to Polish media, which inform the event on their pages and will be said about Bielsko-Biała by encouraging his visit not only Silesians.
This is so far the only publication in the Silesian dialect and contains a description of the most interesting attractions of Bielsko-Biała. Is addressed both to adults and to children, so inviting to visit the city: Heads to szpacyruje gryfnymi through the streets of the city, mogymy to transfer to a flight for bajtla. He goes there Bolek trefić and Lolek and just Ranger. Features a stojom sculpture, when occupied by one of the kaufhauzów in cyntrum.
Who wants to relax from the urban bustle, this zapraszomy on the szpacyr One and Dymbowiec. On verkh som Szyndzielni, kierego you see cołki in and the Beskydy mountains, goes to pick piechty abo nowoczesnom gondolowom queues. Wos Festelnie zapraszomy!
Mini Guide "Jadymy to Biylska-Biołej" will be presented at the Katowice and zabrzańskich tourism fairs and at the tourist information centre in Bielsko-Biała.
In Biylsku-Biołej neniy bydzie like Pto mierzło. Kożdy will find in our city dlo himself a śpas. Tremendously Wos zapraszomy to Biylska-Biołej!