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Chata z Zalipia - Sarnów

street Podgórna 15
Silesia, Upper Silesian Agglomeration
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: restaurant
: Polish, regional, Old Polish
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The parish branch church of Saint Dorothy in Będzin is located on Mount Saint Dorothy (382 m above sea level), also known as Mount of Transfiguration, in the town district of Grodziec. The church was erected in the first half of the 17th century, and for almost one hundred years served as a parish church. In 1865, a picture of Mother of God was placed in the church, which became a pilgrimage destination. Nowadays, the church houses its copy.
In Grodziec, which is a district of Będzin, there are magnificent industrial ruins. Tall chimneys, silos, sunken floors of the halls are remnants of the oldest cement plant in Poland. It was built by Jan Ciechanowski within his land estate in 1857. The plant had remained in the hands of the family until the mid-20s of the last century, when it was taken over by the Belgian company "Solvay". Portland cement was manufactured here until 1979.
Grodziec, which in the past was already a village and a separate town, has been a district of Będzin since 1975. It is located in the north-west part of the town, in a hilly area. Amid several storey high working class houses stands a Classicist palace of the Ciechanowskis, built in the 1840s. Today, it houses a care home.
Dąbrowa Górnicza
The Dąbrowskie Basin has its own small lake district – the Dąbrowskie Lake District. This somewhat boisterous name is sometimes referred to a group of the four reservoirs in Dąbrowa Górnicza, known collectively as Pogoria. For years, Pogoria I and Pogoria III have been leisure and recreation centers. Their beaches, spas, guest houses, pubs, clubs, and yacht clubs attract visitors. Anglers are fond of the reservoirs, as are rare species of birds. The largest lake - Pogoria IV still awaits land management.
Zagłębie Dąbrowskie ma swoje własne, małe Mazury – Pojezierze Dąbrowskie. Tą nieco szumną nazwą określa się czasami zespół czterech zbiorników wodnych w Dąbrowie Górniczej, znanych pod wspólną nazwą Pogorii. Pogoria I i Pogoria III są od lat centrami wypoczynku i rekreacji. Przyciągają plażami, kąpieliskami, pensjonatami, pubami oraz klubami jachtowymi. Akweny upodobali sobie wędkarze i... rzadkie gatunki ptaków. Na zagospodarowanie czeka największe jezioro – Pogoria IV.
The first Jews arrived in Bedzin in the Middle Ages. In the following centuries the local Jewish commune played an important role in the life of the town. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, Będzin had the largest concentration of the Jewish population in the Dąbrowa Basin. It was almost completely destroyed by the Holocaust. On the northern slopes of Castle Hill, there is a Jewish cemetery with approximately 850 tombstones. The oldest of them dates from 1831.
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Dąbrowa Górnicza
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