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Śladami Pradziejów w Roszkowie

Nazwa Morawskie Wrota odnosi się do obszaru gmin Godów, Gorzyce, Krzyżanowice, gdzie działa Lokalna Grupa Działania o tej nazwie. Quest zlokalizowano w małej miejscowości Roszków w Gminie Krzyżanowice, Roszków znany jest z wyrobisk żwiru i firmy UTEX-TERRA produkującej kostkę brukową. Dojechać tu można od Raciborza drogą DK 45 w kierunku Chałupek, za przejazdem kolejowym w Roszkowie, trzecia droga w lewo przy pomniku. Z Wodzisławia Śl. drogą nr 78, za mostem na Odrze w prawo do DK 45 przez przejazd kolejowy, we wsi druga droga w prawo przy pomniku. Początek questu znajduje się na parkingu przy kościele.

Dla kogo?

Quest przeznaczony jest dla dzieci i młodzieży, rodzin z dziećmi, dorosłych.

Jak szukać skarbu?

Podczas wędrówki należy pilnie czytać wskazówki i rozwiązywać zagadki. Odpowiednie literki wpisać we właściwe miejsce i odczytać hasło. Na koniec odnaleźć skarb i umieścić go na ulotce. Ulotkę zabrać sobie na pamiątkę, a skarb pozostawić dla innych odkrywców.

Czas przejścia: około 30 min.

Silesia, Rybnicko-Raciborski Region
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Śladami Pradziejów w Roszkowie


The mansion in Krzyżanowice was built at the turn of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, but the current, neo-Gothic form was given to it during the nineteenth-century reconstruction. The palace was built on a rectangular plan, and its corners are decorated with distinctive, octagonal towers. The south-east tower houses a chapel. The palace hosted prominent persons in the past, including Ludwig van Beethoven and Franz Liszt.
The church of Saint Anne in Krzyżanowice, a large village in the district of Racibórz, was built in the second half of the eighteenth century. It was erected on the site of an older, most likely wooden church. The building was constructed in the late Baroque style, but the tower has some characteristics of the Gothic and Renaissance styles. Above the portal there is a cartouche with the coat of arms of the long-term owners of Krzyżanowice, the Lichnowsky family, who founded the altar in the church.
Buków lies in the commune of Lubomia, in the district of Włodzisław. The town located on the banks of the Oder has been often flooded by the river. The first mention of the village comes from the early fourteenth century. The eclectic church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help from the 1930s stands in the middle of the village. Among other monuments, an eighteenth-century Chapel of the Rosary is worth visiting. The monument lies on the Wooden Architecture Trail of the Silesia province.
The Border Meanders of the Oder River are one of the most interesting, protected areas, lying on the banks of the Oder River in the vicinity of Chałupki, at the mouth of the Olza. At this point, the river is unregulated, and its picturesque meanders along with the surrounding meadows and forests form a valuable natural area. The winding riverbed and its immediate surroundings have been reported to the Natura 2000 Network. The local ecological foundation and the local government aim to reconcile the environmental protection and a rational use of the valley.
Conciliation crosses are very interesting examples of the functioning of medieval criminal law. A few can be found in the area of Wodzisław. Two of them are located in the small village of Rogów. The cross called "Maltese” is characteristic for its shape. It resembles the Cross of the Knights of Malta, who were once present in the Silesian principalities. The other one is distinguished by the fact that in the course of time, it lost one of the arms.
The palace called Bogumiński Castle stands in Chalupki, a village located on the southern tip of Silesia, at the Czech border. The Baroque building, which, nevertheless, dates back to much earlier times, is situated a few hundred meters from the border bridge over the Oder River. For some time, the palace belonged to the Rothschilds, a famous family of European Jews, whose name in the nineteenth century was synonymous with wealth.
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Śladami Pradziejów w Roszkowie