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The Nature Reserve "Muńcuł"

Muńcuł, also called Muńczoł (or Muńcoł, Mańcuł), is a prominent peak, which rises in the Wielka Racza range, part of the Beskids. The distinctive peak rises to the height of over 500 m. It dominates the surrounding valleys of Danielka and Cicha. The pass of Kotarz (975 m above sea level) links the main ridge of the Raczański range with Muńcuł. To the north-east, there is a ridge which runs down towards Ujsoły. In the upper part of Muńcuł, on the south-east slopes, there is a nature reserve.

Beskids & Cieszyn Silesia
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Mount Młada Hora, also called Kiczorka, is peak with a high of 1003 m above sea level, which lies in the Żywiec Beskids. It rises in the group of Wielka Racza, to north of the hills of Mała Rycerzowa and Wielka Rycerzowa, which are popular among tourists. Below the peak of Kiczorka there is a charming mountain settlement called Młada Hora, whose main attraction is a more than sixty- year-old chapel dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul. Since 2011, there has been a hostel of the Polish Polish Tourist and Sightseeing operating in the hamlet.
Soblówka lies in the Beskids, in the commune of Ujsoły. The village, situated in the valley of the Cicha brook, at the foot of the massifs of Rycerzowa and Muńcuł, is one of the most picturesque places of the Beskids and the starting point of several hiking trails. The church of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary was erected at the turn of the 40 - and 50s of the twentieth century. It is located on the Wooden Architecture Trail.
The Geopark Glinka in the commune of Ujsoły is another place for fans of extreme sensations. The former quarry offers amazing attractions. There is one of the longest in Poland, 220-meter-long, Tyrolean downhill over a 30-meter-deep precipice. There are climbing walls, multi-purpose and beautiful views from walking paths, which run on top of the quarry. And that's not the end of the attractions. Work is underway on the expansion of the park.
The massif of Wielka Rycerzowa (also called Bukowina), rising to a height of 1226 m above sea level, is part of the Wielka Racza range, located in Żywiec Beskids, on the southern edge of Silesia. The Polish-Slovak border runs over the top. To the north of the main summit there is a pass with a vast pasture land, behind which the lower peak of the massif called Mała Rycerzowa rises to a height of 1,207 m. Just below the pass there is a nice mountain hostel.
The reserve "Dziobaki" is one of the valuable natural areas located in the Raczański mountain range, in the southwestern part of the Beskids. The purpose of creating the protected area was to preserve the submontane forests alongside with the communities of the fertile Carpathian beech forest and tallherb sycamore. A blue marked tourist trail runs along a section of the border of the reserve, linking Przegibek with the area of the hostel on top of Mount Rycerzowa.
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