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The Nature Reserve " Bukowa Kępa"

The Nature Reserve “Bukowa Kępa” is woodland, located in the communes of Janów and Niegowa, between the villages of Gorzków Stary and Bystrzanowice-Dwór, south of the road between the two villages. The area of the reserve is almost 53 hectares. It was created in 1996 to protect forests with a predominance of beech and varied landscapes of Jurassic limestone outcroppings situated amid the picturesque hills.

Kraków-Częstochowa Jura
in the forest
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: nature reserve / environmental use area
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The Classicist manor in Bystrzanowice is located in the hamlet of the village and is called Dwór, just south of the road Częstochowa-Szczekociny. It is a small building of typical architecture of the eighteenth century. During the Second World War and Stalin regime, the manor and the surrounding forests provided shelter for the partisans. Nowadays, the building is privately owned and is leased for recreational purposes.
"Kaliszak" is a forest nature reserve, located in the commune of Janów. The purpose of creating this small protected area was to preserve the natural mixed forest of fir-pine with addition of other trees. The indigenous stand is from 100 to 160 years old. There are protected species of plants and animals. The area of the reserve is part of the Złotopotocka Refugium, established within the Natura 2000 network.
Złoty Potok
The church of Saint John the Baptist in Złoty Potok was built probably in the late thirteenth century. In the following centuries, it was rebuilt several times - for example, distinctive tower was added in the second half of the nineteenth century. Inside the church there are primarily Mannerist and Baroque monuments, but it is also worthwhile to see to the nineteenth-century mortuary chapel of the Krasiński family.
Złoty Potok
In Złoty Potok, a village of the Polish Jura, which is beautifully situated on the Wiercica, a tourist may not complain about the lack of attractions. These areas are renowned for their landscape values, and there is no shortage of monuments. In the center of the village, it is worthwhile to stop for a moment in the meticulously restored market square known under the name of Saint John’s The Baptist Square. The local parish church is also worth visiting, while the square itself is adorned with a fine well and a bronze statue of the "Nosiwódki", - a woman carrying the buckets of water.
Złoty Potok
Ostoja Złotopotocka (The Złoty Potok Refuge) is one of the areas included in the Natura 2000 network. It covers more than 2748 hectares of land, with a number of valuable natural places. The Refuge comprises both reserves and natural monuments. It is also a scenic area, which is a destination of sightseeing excursions, through which several Jurassic hiking trails run, including the Trail of the Eagles' Nests in the lead.
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Złoty Potok
Restauracja "Źrodlana" powstała latem 2007 roku, chociaż początki jej pierwszego otwarcia przypadają na lata 30-te. W latach 70-tych restauracja ta została przebudowana w inne miejsce, pozostawiając nadal jej nazwę "Źródlana", i tak od wielu lat lokal ten cieszy się dużą popularnością wśród klientów.
Złoty Potok
To coś więcej niż bar, to idealne miejsce na spotkania z przyjaciółmi oraz znajomymi w miłej rodzinnej atmosferze. Zimową porą przy cieple kominka, a latem przy kominko-grilu w ogródku piwnym, który jest do dyspozycji klientów. Dzięki temu możesz sam upiec swoją kiełbaskę!
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