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The Manor House and the Arian Church in Cielętniki

The manor located in the north of Częstochowa, in Cielętniki, was built in the first half of the eighteenth century, by the Bystrzanowskis, who were then the owners of the village. It was a one-storied building, surrounded by farm buildings and a park. In the interwar period, the property belonged to Stefan Steinhagen, who renovated the manor and modernized the farm. The manor is now privately owned. It features a decorative top. There is a small granary nearby, which once served as an Arian church.

42-265 Cielętniki
Dąbrowa Zielona
Kraków-Częstochowa Jura
in the country
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The most famous lime tree in Poland is undoubtedly the Czarnoleska lime of Jan Kochanowski. The problem is that it has not survived to this day. It exists only in the poem. Therefore, to rest under the aromatic tree, which recalls the times of Master Jan, it is necessary to visit the village of Cielętnik near Częstochowa. The local lime is the oldest and thickest in Poland. It is strongly believed that its bark helps to relieve the persistent toothache.
The Church of the Transfiguration in Cielętniki is primarily known from a 500-year-old lime, the oldest in Poland, which grows near the walls of the church. The shrine itself is also worthy of attention. It was erected in 1891, in neo-Gothic style, on the site of an older wooden building. A slender tower dominates above its silhouette. It is topped with a pyramidal dome. On the outer wall of the chancel, there is a painting of Saint Apollonia, patroness of those suffering from toothache.
The Shrine of Saint Anne is associated with the miraculous figure of Saint Anna revered here for five hundred years. She is presented here accompanied by the Virgin Mary and the Child Jesus. The church itself was built in the years 1609-1617. There is also a seventeenth-century monastery, which for about two centuries served the Bernardines, and later, in the second half of the nineteenth century, it became a convent of the Dominican sisters, and has been serving them to the present.
Przyrów is located on the northern edge of Silesia. Its history dates back to the reign of King Casmir the Great. The last of the Piast dynasty on the Polish throne granted town privileges to Komorów, a small village on the Wiercica. However, the town proper under the name of Przyrów developed close to the village. It has retained its former layout with a rectangular network market and adjacent streets to this day.
The church of Saint Nicholas of Przyrów is a small shrine of an unusual shape. It is located 1.5 km to the southwest of the center of the village. It was built probably in the late seventeenth century. The church is made of limestone and covered with a shingled roof. The sanctuary is oriented. The tower on a square plan stands on the west side, and the circular chancel, topped with a dome, adjoins the wide nave.
The village of Radoszewnica is located in the commune of Koniecpol, in the district of Częstochowa. The picturesque area around the village with forest complexes and the Pilica river, flowing through here, is an interesting hiking destination, away from busy roads. In the village, there is a palace renovated after years of neglect. The residence in the present form was erected in the late nineteenth century, as a result of remodeling a sixteenthcentury building.
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W oazie zieleni znajdziesz niepowtarzalną atmosferę dla zorganizowania różnego rodzaju imprez okolicznościowych, a w szczególności tej najważniejszej - przyjęcie weselnego. Nasze stylowe wnętrza, wyśmienita kuchnia i miła obsługa sprawiają, że pobyt w "Zielonych Wzgórzach" będzie dla Was niezapomnianym i najmilszym wspomnieniem. Położenie Dworu zapewnia spokój i ciszę z dala od zgiełku miasta, a jednocześnie niewielka odległość od DK1 (15 km od skrzyżowania DK1 i DK 46) zapewniają szybki dojazd.
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