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"Dworzec Beskidzki" PTTK Hostel

The hostel is located in the Żywiecki National Park at an altitude of 710 m above sea level. Constructed in the years 1931 - 1932, upgraded many times. Currently closed.

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Zwardoń in the Żywiec Beskid is known primarily for recreational values. Its “career" as a tourist resort began in the 1930s, when skiers from all over Poland took a fancy for the slopes of the surrounding mountains. And today, the village is famous for its excellent skiing conditions, and it is also worthwhile to see remnants of the old buildings, including the nineteenth-century railway station, and the interwar hostel "Dworzec Beskidzki" and guest house "Szwajcaria".
Mount Rachowiec is not a high mountain (954 m), but it is popular among tourists in the range of Wielka Racza, towering over the tourist resort village of Zwardoń. The attractiveness of Rachowiec is caused by a ski center operating on its slopes. It has the longest chairlift in this area and the longest ski run (1,200 m). On the northern slopes of Rachowiec, there is a nature reserve "Butorza".
The reserve "Butorza" is located in the vicinity of Sól, a village in the commune of Rajcza, on the slopes of Mount Rachowiec (954 m). It was established in 1961 to protect primarily a submontane spruce forest, with beautiful specimens of Istebna spruce, which often reaches here over 35 meters in height and 50 cm in diameter at breast height. In the reserve, we can encounter a rich beech forest. The local woods are from time to time visited by large predators - wolves and lynxes.
The southern corners of the Silesian voivodeship with such villages as Istebna, Koniaków or Laliki are one of the most picturesque areas of Poland. It is also the region which for a long time has attracted lovers of wooden architecture and folk art. One of the pearls of these areas is a church in Laliki, which is situated in the hamlet of Pochodzita. The church belongs to the monuments lying on the Wooden Architecture Trail of the Silesia province.
Sól is a charming village in the Słanica river valley, in the very heart of the Żywiec Beskid. In the village, there are a few traditional highland wooden log cottages. However, the most interesting monument is a wooden belfry from 1837, which stands on the main road. It is a post and beam construction covered with shingles. In the middle, there is a turret cast by Leopold Franciszek Stanki from Olomouc in the nineteenth century.
If a natural disaster happens that destroys all the trees in the Carpathian Mountains, a special task unit will take action. It is the Wyrchczadeczka Carpathian Gene Bank in Jaworzynka. The devastated forests will be brought to life thanks to the precious seeds of the Istebna spruce collected in the gene bank. It is, moreover, not the only secret of Jaworzynka. In the aviary on display one can see how they look after the capercaillie in Polish forests. For many, it may be a surprise to visit the Museum of Spruce.
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Silesian Tastes Culinary Trail

Restauracja Chata Olimpijczyka Jasia i Helenki jest usytuowana w samym sercu pięknej, urokliwej Wisły.
Unique in Europe a log-structured tavern. The building is listed on the Wooden Architecture Trail.
The restaurant is located in a historic building, which dates back in 1896.
Restauracja Hotelu Liburnia*** powstała w miejscu dawnego zakładu produkcyjnego – CEFANY. Przy aranżacji wnętrza archite... More>>


Zapraszamy na wspaniałe góralskie jadło, przyrządzane według staropolskich przepisów z najlepszych jakościowo mięs i warzyw nie zawierających konserwantów.
Przy dźwiękach melodii góralskiej serwujemy potrawy regionalne: - oscypki - placki z blachy - maślankę - swojski chleb żytni - prażuchy ze skwarkami - "kubuś koniakowski" ponadto serwujemy dania Kuchi Polskiej. Dania przygotowuje zespół doświadczonych kucharzy, a obsługa ubrana jest w tradycyjne stroje koniakowskie, co jest niewątpliwym atutem stwa...
The restaurant in the center of Koniakow, offering regional cuisine, Polish and world.
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