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Hotel Na Podzamczu ****

Hotel is located in a historical castle complex at Stare Tarnowice (Tarnowskie Góry district). The hotel has 37 rooms.

street Pyskowicka 39
42-612 Tarnowskie Góry
Tarnowskie Góry
in the city/town
General Information
: hotel, castles, manors and palaces
: ****
Contact data
: +48 32 384 74 17
: 37
: conference centre
: internet, tv/sat, deposit box
Conference room
: Yes
: we accept Euro, swimming pool, non-smoking rooms
: dwie sale konferencyjna, największa na 105 osób.
: whole year

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Tarnowskie Góry
The Renaissance castle in Stare Tarnowice was built in the sixteenth century at the initiative of Piotr Wrochem. This building was rebuilt and changed the owners several times. For a longer time, it belonged to the powerful Donnersmarck family. After the Second World War, it was nationalized, and shared the fate of other residences, which were devastated by serving as the premises of state farms. At the end of the 2010, a renovation of the castle was completed. Today, the castle houses the Center for Arts and Old Crafts.
Tarnowskie Góry
"The Black Trout Adit in Tarnowskie Góry is one of the most interesting remains of the centuries-old mining of galena, lead and silver ores in this area. In the nineteenth century, it was built as a drainage tunnel in the mine ""Frederick."" Today, it is a remarkable tourist attraction, offering the longest underground boat rafting in Poland. It is up to 600 meters long! Along the route one can see a spectacular rocky gorge, ""black"" trout and bats. We can also listen to interesting mining stories.
Tarnowskie Góry
The castle park in Tarnowskie Góry Repty Śląskie is located in the south-west part of the city. The English style park once surrounded a hunting castle of the owners of the local lands – Counts Henckel von Donnersmarck, who used to arrange prestigious hunts here. After WW2 the castle fell in ruin. Only two outbuildings have been preserved. This valuable in terms of natural features terrain is protected within the area of the Nature and Landscape Complex “ Park in Repty and the Drama River Valley”.
Tarnowskie Góry
The Church of Saint Martin, Bishop and Confessor in Stare Tarnowice is the oldest church in the town and the entire district of Tarnowskie Góry. It was built in the Gothic style as early as the fourteenth century. At the beginning of the eighteenth century, the church was rebuilt in the Baroque style. At the end of the nineteenth century, a new neo-Romanesque parish church was erected in its vicinity. The old church is characterized by wooden roofs covered with shingle and a historic décor of its interior.
Tarnowskie Góry
For many years, many Polish cities have been investing in recreation facilities. It results in building modern water parks, offering services to people of all ages. The Water Park in Tarnowskie Góry is one of the first of its kind in the region of Silesia (besides the "Nemo - water" in nearby Dąbrowa Górnicza) and one of the most modern centers of recreation and bathing in Poland.
Tarnowskie Góry
The Fountain of Youth is one of the favorite places of the inhabitants of Repty Śląskie, which is currently a district of Tarnowskie Góry. For a long time, the fountain has been known for its very tasty water. It has become so popular that it attracts people form faraway, who queue with containers at three taps. Apart from the fountain, there is another interesting place - a PolishGerman border post from the interwar period, which originally stood near the border that once ran here.
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Tarnowskie Góry
The restaurant is located in the complex of the castle in Stare Tarnowice.
The restaurant is located in restored agricultural premises dating from 1929. Classic brick vault construction and stone facade are stylish combined with modern elements of decoration. All this creates a great place for parties, suppers and business meetings.
Tarnowskie Góry
Stylish restaurant with a nineteenth-century interior that specializes in Italian cuisine and dishes from the grill, organizes events, provides services to transport for the ordered food.
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