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Hotel "Noma Residence" Hunting Lodge Promnice

An exclusive hotel in a former hunting lodge of Pszczyna princes. A historical site, a meeting place for famous artists, actors, politicians, restaurant renowned for its cuisine and traditional Polish hunter.

43-210 Kobiór
in the forest
General Information
: hotel, extraordinary places
: ****
Contact data
: 32 219 46 78
: 605 250 150
: 32 219 54 75
: 26
: 13
: bike rental, yacht charters & sailboat rentals
: we accept card payments, internet, we speak English, car park, tv/sat, business services (fax, xero etc.)
Conference room
: internet, non-smoking rooms, we speak English, we accept card payments, car park
: Kominkowa-99 m2,Cenkiera-35 m2, Książęca-24 m2, Basztowa-18 m2
: whole year


The Hochbergs were once one of the wealthiest families in Silesia. Their lands stretched from the Sudetenland to Pszczyna. They were equal to kings, as evidenced by their major ancestral seat in Książ near Wałbrzych and the palace in Pszczyna. In Promnice, between Tychy and Kobiór, they built a hunting palace preserved to this day. It was erected in 1868. The palace fascinates by English neo-Gothic elegance, completed with some Swiss architectural elements. Currently, it houses the luxury Noma Residence Promnice Hotel.
Paprocańskie Lake (also called Lake Paprocany) in Tychy is a water reservoir with a first-class water quality, which is located within the city boundaries. Local residents and tourists take delight in ravishing flora and fauna with a number of protected species (such as mute swan and heron). Here, you can relax wonderfully. Everyone will find something for everyone, from the beaches, water sport equipment rental shops, biking and hiking trails to fishing competitions and concerts.
Paprocany is a southern district of Tychy. It is a popular place of recreation and relaxation. The attraction of this part of the city is the picturesque Paprocany Lake and extensive wooded areas. Hardly anyone remembers that, in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, heavy industry developed here. An ironworks was founded by the Duke of Pless in 1703. There are a few brick buildings of the plant, which was closed in 1878, and…an extensive lake.
The Church of Blessed Karolina Kózkówna in Tychy is eye-catching from afar due to a characteristic shape, which is dominated by the centrally located dome. The building was erected in the housing estate called “T” in Tychy in 1993-2000. It also has a very impressive interior, painted in intensive colors by artists form Katowice, Joanna PiechKalarus and Roman Kalarus. Wood carvings are made by Antoni Toborowicz.
The church of the Holy Spirit in Tychy Żwaków aroused emotions already during construction. At the end of the seventies of the last century its unusual form of a tent made some angry, while others admired it. Today, the church is regarded as one of the most interesting built during the communist era. Its designer, Stanisław Niemczyk has received numerous awards and honors. He has also won international fame. The interior houses the paintings by master Jerzy Nowosielski himself.
While in Tychy, it is worth seeing the buildings constructed at the turn of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. They are a manifestation of architectural interest in postmodernism. This style, characterized by a loose treatment of tradition and a game of convention, in Tychy is represented primarily by the "Gate of the Sun", which quickly became an icon of the city. Next to it, we can see an interesting bank building, whose shape resembles a boat.
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U progu gór, choć na Górnym Śląsku... W małym Kobiórze, ale dogodnie położona... Wykwintna restauracja, ale w drewnianej chacie. Taka właśnie jest Karczma Tatrzańska. To tutaj tradycja miesza się z nowoczesnością. Tradycyjna kuchnia góralska i śląska przyprawiona jest odrobiną nowoczesności i stylu. To tu znakomici kucharze oraz profesjonalny personel wkładają serce w to co robią, by każdy Gość poczuł się wyjątkowo.
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