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Ośrodek Sportowy "Cukrownik" ('Cukrownik' Sport Centre)

We offer our guests:
* 45 beds
* cafeteria with home-made meals
* sauna
* club lounge
* gym
* tennis (16 tables)
* 2 football pitches (grass)
* playground for small games (grass) - 9,000 m2
* sports hall suitable for football, handball, volleyball, basketball and table tennis

street Sportowa 18
43-520 Chybie
in the city/town
General Information
: other accommodation facilities, holiday centres
: none
Contact data
: 33 856 11 34
: 33 856 10 54
: 33 856 11 34
: 45
: we speak English, car park, non-smoking rooms, tv/sat
Conference room
: Yes
: whole year


The church in Chybie was erected in the inter-war period, It features an interesting architecture, with a fanciful façade, designed by Henryk Szołdra. Its interior was arranged by Jan Wałach, a known painter from Istebna. The church is a Marian shrine. Since the 1950s, inside the church, there has been a miraculous picture of the Mother of God, which had been brought here from the chapel in Gołysz, before it was pulled down because of the construction of the Goczałkowice reservoir.
The area of the Upper Vistula River valley in the vicinity of Chybie and Goczałkowice has valuable natural assets. It has been included into the "Natura 2000" network, because, in this area, there are wild birds, some of which are registered in the Polish Red Book. The area of 24,767,5 hectares called the “Upper Vistula Valley ", includes the Goczałkowice reservoir and nearby fish breeding ponds.
The Department of Ichthyobiology and Fishery is a research facility of the Polish Academy of Sciences, located in Gołysz, in the commune of Chybie. Its origins date back to 1953. Currently, the Department is doing, inter alia, research on the biological basis of fish farming, intensive methods of farming and the introduction of new species. The Department has a well-developed science base. The results are implemented in practice in the Experimental Facility of Pond Management in Gołysz.
A bike trip the from the village of Landek to the city of Cieszyn is a great way to explore the picturesque surroundings of the Upper Vistula Valley and the Cieszyn Foothills. The route begins in Landek, near the Goczałkowice Lake and runs mostly along side roads to the capital city of Cieszyn Silesia, through Skoczów, Dębowiec and Hażlach. The length of the route is about 40 km; signs - yellow. The trail is one of the elements of the Cycling Euroregion - Cieszyn Silesia.
"Rotuz" is a strict nature reserve, located in the Czechowice-Dziedzice region, between the villages of Chybie and Zabrzeg. It is a protected area of the wetland of transitional bog and fen. There are a number of rare plants and protected species, here. The reserve covers an area of 28.17 hectares. It was created in 1966.
Wisła Mała
The church of St James the Apostle in Wisła Mała, which originally was dedicated to the Nativity of the Mother of God, is one of the wooden churches of the district of Pszczyna. The present church and the belfry tower, which was built later, are from the eighteenth century and were erected on the site of the previous building, dating from the fifteenth or sixteenth centuries. In the interwar period, the church was enlarged. It is located on the Wooden Architecture Trail of the Silesia province.
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Wisła Mała
Bogata karta menu od tradycyjnych pierogów poprzez wątróbkę z jabłkiem do chrupiącej kaczki podawanej z opiekanymi ziemniakami i zestawem surówek.
Zajazd "Pod Delfinem" powstał w 1997 roku jako kontynuacja istniejącego już wcześniej mniejszego Zajazdu po przeciwnej stronie drogi zwanego wówczas smażalnią ryb.
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