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Gościniec "Tombor" ("Tombor" Inn)

Located in the southern part of the city in the immediate vicinity of Kościuszki Street and Murckowska street, just a 10 minute drive from the city centre. The Inn has a lift, conference centre, free and ticketed car park, Internet access, adjustments and facilities for the disabled. Nearby there are pubs, restaurants, shops, groceries, post office, pharmacy, petrol station and a hairdresser.

24 hours front-desk, breakfast available for PLN 20

  • Single apartment (one person): PLN 130
  • Single apartment (two persons): PLN 160
  • Double apartment: PLN 280
  • Double room: PLN 100
  • 1-bed dorm: PLN 43/person
  • 2-bed dorm: PLN 41/person
  • 3-bed dorm: PLN 38/person
  • 4-bed dorm: PLN 35/person


street Zbożowa 38
40-657 Katowice
in the city/town
General Information
: other accommodation facilities
: none
Contact data
: +48 32 205 95 9
: 107
: 44
: guarded car park
Conference room
: Yes
: whole year

City audio tours

Zapraszamy na audiowycieczkę po Katowicach!
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We invite you to an audio tour of Katowice.


The Reserve "Ochojec" lies within the boundaries of Katowice, in the south of the city, in the district Piotrowice-Ochojec. It is part of the Murckowski Forest - a large forest complex, whose parts have been preserved in a state close to natural. The Reserve "Ochojec" belongs to floral reserves. Above all, it protects the most abundant (apart from European mountains) the community of clasping twistedstalk. We can find numerous other protected species of plants and animals in this reserve.
In Panewniki, a south-western district of Katowice, on can find a historic Franciscan monastery, which is visited especially by numerous people at Christmas time, because of the Europe's largest altar Christmas crib. The Basilica of Saint Louis the King and the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the monastery buildings were built in the neo-Romanesque style in the early twentieth century. Noteworthy are also the Lourdes Grotto, the Panewniki Calvary and a church graveyard.
For years, the Katowice Forestry Management has been involved in environmental education and tourism. One of the most interesting projects is the Educational Forest Chamber established in the seat of the Forestry Management in Katowice Panewniki. There you can learn about the species of animals living in the forests of Silesia, and how to distinguish between trees and shrubs, touch animal skins, and visit a reconstructed former forester's office.
Wyciąg narciarki "Sopelek" został zaprojektowany i wybudowany w 1986r. Jednym z głównych pomysłodawców był Andrzej Jakubiński, pracownik kopalni Murcki. Z myślą o swoich dzieciach zaprojektował wyciąg. Cel był jeden, wypoczynek dzieci i młodzieży. Stok, na którym wybudowano wyciąg znajduje się w obrębie ulicy Sołtysiej. Jest naturalnie ukształtowanym zboczem. Dokonano tylko niewielkiej niwelacji peronu startowego.
Attempts to commemorate the victims of the communist crime of December 16, 1981 were taken immediately after the pacification of the mine, but all the symbols were instantly destroyed by the communist authorities. The monument was unveiled on December 15, 1991. It was designed by Alina and Andrzej Grzybowski. The monument consists of a 33-meter-tall cross and an urn with the soil from the graves of the nine miners. In the Memorial Museum we can see a documentary and an exhibition with a display illustrating the tragic events, accompanied by the sounds of tanks, helicopters and guns, which makes you feel the horror of the pacification.
The wooden church, still standing at the highest point Kosciuszko Park in Katowice Brynów, is a building erected in the early sixteenth century and moved to this place from Syrynia, a district of Rybnik in 1938. It is the oldest monument in Katowice. Next to the church, there is a seventeenth-century bell tower, which was moved here along with the shrine. The whole complex is surrounded by a stylish wooden fence with three gates. The church moved here at the initiative of the then mayor Adam Kocur - a future priest The property is located on the Silesian Wooden Architecture Trail of the Silesia province.
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Silesian Tastes Culinary Trail

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Bażantowo Sport Hotel*** Bażantowo Sport Hotel*** with its excellent sports and leisure facilities is ranked among ”emotional hotels”, where the health, physical activity and relax of our Guests is our primary concern. It is a perfect place for sporty people who care for their mind and body.
Patio Inn, located at the route DK-81 Katowice - Wisła, 9,5 km from the Katowice city-center.
The accommodation is housed in an Art Nouveau building from the early twentieth century.
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Zdrowa Krowa w Gliwicach, czyli pierwszy lokal sieci powstał w Gliwicach w 2013 roku.
Restauracja indyjska w centrum miasta. Ponadto lokal serwuje także kuchnię pakistańską, tajską oraz singapurską.
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