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Eichendorff Upper Silesian Cultural Centre and Meeting

street Zamkowa 1-3
47-417 Łubowice
Silesia, Rybnicko-Raciborski Region
in the country
General Information
: guest rooms and apartments, other accommodation facilities
: none
Contact data
: +48 32 4106602
: +48 32 4149207
: +48 32 4106602
: 2
: 22
: conference centre, shop with souvenirs, guide in German
: we speak German, car park, tv/sat
Conference room
: Yes
: we accept Euro, swimming pool, internet, we speak Spanish, child care
: whole year

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Zapraszamy na audiowycieczkę po Łubowicach, rodzinnej miejscowości wybitnego, XIX-wiecznego śląskiego poety, piszącego w języku niemieckim – Josepha...


Łubowice in the commune of Rudnik is a village, which was once a family estate of the Eichendorffs. Joseph von Eichendorff (1788-1857), a world famous Romantic poet, was born here. The museum dedicated to his memory is housed in a former school. In the village we can see a few relics of the past associated with the poet, including the ruins of the palace, where he was born. At the local cemetery, we can find the grave of the poet's parents, as well as an obelisk dedicated to Eichendorff, on which there is a relief with his likeness.
" Do you remember the garden And the palace among the trees Do you remember waiting impatiently For the spring to come around? " So did Joseph von Eichendorff, one of the greatest poets of German Romanticism ask in the poem "My brother," The o palace in Łubowice is gone, only the ruins remain? But his poetry extols the melancholy of Silesia, with rustling groves and streams. It is worthwhile to stroll along the Oder in the mysterious park and discover the forgotten splendor of the neoGothic palace.
The watermill in Brzeźnica, a village in the district of Racibórz, is a monument whose history dates back to the eighteenth century. Its current building was erected in the interwar period. The mill is still operating. It was renovated at the beginning of the twenty-first century. It is supplied with water from a nearby stream. This place is associated with unrequited love of the famous romantic poet Eichendorff, who fell in love with the daughter of the local miller.
The ferry across the Oder River which operates between Grzegorzowice (on the left bank) and Ciechowice (on the right) is the only such attraction in the Silesian section of the second longest Polish river. The ferry crossing is part of the voivodeship road 421. Interestingly, at the site of the ferry there was a narrow bridge from the second half of the nineteenth century, but it was blown up in 1945, and now we can see only its abutments on the both sides of the river.
The Pegasus Recreation and Sports Club of the Association of Physical Culture in Częstochowa promotes physical activity and health education related to horse riding. The club offers a wide variety of recreational equestrian activities, mountain tourism, riding, outdoor events (such as carriage and cart rides, sleigh rides) and professional hippotherapy. The club is located on the TransJurassic Horse Trail.
The palace of Czerwięcice lies on a hill, in a picturesque setting. It is one of those Silesian monuments, which are currently waiting to recover its former glory. Although the building is dilapidated today, it still draws attention thanks to its nice shape. It was erected at the initiative of Victor von Wrochem in 1892. The residence, which features the Neo-Renaissance style, is now a private property and, hopefully, will eventually be restored.
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