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Amazon Hotel

Amazon Hotel is beautifully located in the Krakow-Czestochowa Jura, in the forest complex in the area where the environment is unpolluted and clean air. Amazon Hotel, situated at the national route No. 78, Katowice Kielce is an ideal base to Krakow -70 km (50 min. Drive), Czestochowa - 70 km (55 min. Drive), Ogrodzienieńca - 30 km (24 min. drive), and Bobolice Mirow - 23 km (21 min. drive), Complain - Okiennik - 19 km (15 min drive), Szczekociny - 8 km (6 min. drive), Naglowice - 26 km (19 min. drive), Jędrzejów - 38 km (28 min. drive) and the Mountains - 70 km (60 min. drive). Hotel "Amazon" at the disposal of guests rooms with private bathrooms with a high standard, equipped with satellite TV and telephone. The amount and type of rooms are 17 rooms for 2 cars (extra bed possible), 4 standard suites, 3 suites, Extra, The disposal of the hotel has: - a cafe, restaurant - room receptions for 120 seats - banquet hall - a room blue, - conference room equipped with audio-video equipment - outdoor fireplace (indoor bonfire), - and leisure - sport, sauna, solarium and gym. Moreover, the hotel "Amazon" has its own stud farm. Upon request, the hosts can arrange for additional attractions such as: - travel in a carriage - Fishing on the nearby pond, - the possibility to use kayaks and water bikes - mountain bike ride on forested land.
street Zawada Pilicka 130
42-446 Zawada Pilicka
Kraków-Częstochowa Jura
in the forest
General Information
: hotel
: none
Contact data
: 0 34 355 74 18
: 7
: 24
: 17
: conference centre, horse riding, cafe
: internet, we speak English, we speak French, we speak Russian, car park, tv/sat, pets welcome
Conference room
: Yes
: whole year


The Reserve “Kępina”,located in the commune of Irządze, in the area of the forest inspectorate of Koniecpol, is a fairly large reserve. It has nearly 90 hectares, around which a 70-hectare buffer zone was created. Within the protected area, there are several forest communities, including riparian and alder forests. The reserve, inter alia, aims at protecting the communities of the endemic plant - Cochlearia polonica, which occurring only in our country.
Irządze is a large communal village, located west of Szczekociny. According to tradition, the town is one of the oldest settlements in Poland and the owners were to be the queens and princesses - the first wives of the Piast dynasty. Of its long history, there have survived two magnificent monuments: the church of Saint Wenceslas and an eighteenth-century mansion, much rebuilt for the needs of the communal office in the twentieth century The mansion is a one storey building, covered with a mansard roof, and with a portico in the front elevation.
"In Irządze Górne, on an elevated hill, there is a very ancient church of Saint Wenceslas, visible from the distance the hill is conspicuous from a distance, which was built by the Swietopelks, the then landlords, in the thirteenth century”. So wrote the authors of the nineteenth-century Geographical Dictionary of the Polish Kingdom and other Slavic countries." It is true, though, that the shrine turned out not to be so old, but a Gothic presbytery has been preserved. However, the monuments inside the church are mostly Baroque and ClassiciSt
Nakło is a small village located near Szczekociny, in the eastern part of Silesia. The village boasts two eighteenth-centuries, historic buildings: a church of St Nicholas and a Classicist palace. The palace was built by the Bystrzanowski family during the reign of the last Polish king - Stanislaw August Poniatowski. It is now privately owned and it houses a smart hotel. It is surrounded by a fine park.
The church of St Nicholas in Nakło near Lelów was built around the turn of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The building made of stone blocks replaced an old, wooden shrine, which had been for the first time mentioned in the Middle Ages. Inside the church there are many interesting Baroque monuments. There is a bell tower adjacent to the church. In the cemetery, one can see historic gravestones and a building of the former parish school.
Szczekociny is a small town situated on the north-eastern edge of the Silesian Voivodeship. The town may boast of the city rights, which were granted as early as the end of the Middle Ages, as an important settlement at the ford across the Pilica river. The traditional center of the town is the four-sided market square with a network of streets. To the east of the market one can seethe beautiful Baroque palace of the Dembiński family. They were the owners, who contributed to the development of the town and neatening its appearance.
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