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Agrotourist - Janusz Myga

The farm is located in the band rocks Rzędkowickich.
It offers room for 2 beds and 4 beds with shared shower and toilet and 3 bedroom.
It is open periodically.
It is possible to sleep in the hay.
On-site free parking.
In addition to the farm there are two walking trails: green, black and green bike trail.
Full board. The specialty dishes are the owner of the game.

The ski slope is located approximately 4 km from the farm, swimming in Włodowice - about 4 km, bathing in Kostkowicach - about 8 km, the Equestrian Center and Resort in Rudniki "chestnut" in Parkoszowicach is the possibility of riding in Rzędkowicach a farm nearby.
It is also possible to race off-road vehicles UAZ brand and help in organizing events TEAM BUILDING.
On site is a climbing school run by instructors from Warsaw PZA.

On the farm is a bar which is open from 08:00 to 23:00. Serves beer, soft drinks, hot and cold dishes.
street Jurajska 70
42-421 Włodowice
Kraków-Częstochowa Jura
in the country
General Information
: agritourism
: none
Contact data
: 0 34 315 60 68
: 0 502 782 004
: <br>
: 2
: 20
: 15
: 14
: 4
: 1
: we speak English, car park
: <br>
Conference room
: Yes
: <br>
: whole year


Not far from Zawiercie, in the area of the village of Piaseczno, Mother Nature modeled a group of the rocks known as Wielki Okiennik, roughly translated as “Large Window”. The name speaks for itself. In the mighty rock wall Mother Nature carved out a window of about 7 deep, and of which diameter is 5 meters. The Eagles’ Nests Trail runs at the foot of the rocks, so tourists know this place well. But the rocks are the most popular among climbers. They marked out a couple of difficult trails here. The trails have graceful names such as "Chimney of the Astronauts”, "Super Action" and "Pillar of Silesia."
Niedaleko Zawiercia, na gruntach wsi Piaseczno, matka natura wymodelowała grupę skał znaną jako Okiennik Wielki. Jej nazwa mówi sama za siebie. W potężnym skalnym murze przyroda „wybiła” okno – o głębokości około 7 i średnicy 5 metrów. U podnóża skał przebiega Szlak Orlich Gniazd, dlatego turyści znają dobrze to miejsce. Ale skałki największą popularnością cieszą się wśród miłośników wspinaczki. Wytyczyli oni tutaj kilka trudnych tras o wdzięcznych nazwach - chociażby „Komin Kosmonautów”, „Super Akcja” czy „Śląski Filar”.
The church of the Holy Trinity and and St Florian in Zawiercie Skarżyce is one of the parish churches in Zawiercie. It is a distinctive consrtuction with three chapes in the form of a rotunda, which symbolize the Holy Trinity. In 1999, the church was raised by archbishop Stanisław Nowak, metropolitan bishop of Częstochowa, to the rank of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Skarżyce.
The church of Saint Nicolas in today's Kromołów Zawiercie ( it was once a separate town) is the oldest church in the city. It is located at Jurajska St, which is part of the road from Zawiercie to Kroczyce. We do not know when exactly the first was built in Kromołów The church of St Nicholas is considered to be probably the third on this site. Its present-day form comes from the sixteenth century, when the church was reconstructed.
The Warta, the third longest river in Polish, has its origin in Kromołów, a present-day district of Zawiercie. There is a chapel of Saint John of Nepomuk at the source. It has a history dating back to the sixteenth century, but the current patron saint is associated with the events of the eighteenth century. The cult of the fourteenth-century saint, who came from Bohemia, quickly spread to the neighboring countries. As saying goes: where Saint John of Nepomuk is worshipped, there is Central Europe.
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