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URBAN-Community Centre

street 1 Maja 99
42-290 Blachownia
Kraków-Częstochowa Jura
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: 034 327 03 35
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The Rusticana Horse Riding Centre in Blachownia is one of a few such places operating in Częstochowa and the surrounding area. Adults can pursue their passion for horse riding here. But the centre is exceptionally child-friendly. It has a well-developed infrastructure and excellent horse riding instructors both for teaching and sport training. A high level of the services offered by Rusticana is confirmed by a certificate of the Polish Equestrian Federation.
Bright pants, a polo shirt, distinctive shoes, a cap or a sun visor on the head, on the one hand, a leather glove - that's a typical golfer. In Poland, it is still a rare sight, but it does not mean non-existent. Many golfers can be found in Konopiska near Częstochowa, because of the Rosa Private Golf Club, which is one of the best golf complexes in Poland. Both amateurs and professionals can compete here.
A few months before the Second World War, the Częstochowa region became one of the places where fortifications were being constructed fairly quickly. In fact, their plans date back as early as 1934. They were developed by Major Jan Wańkowicz. The fortifications, erected by September 1939, played a certain role in the defensive war. There are 12 such objects, which have been preserved in good condition to this day.
The Bogland of Korzonek is a special protected area of natural habitats located to the south-west of Częstochowa, as part of the Landscape Park “Forests on the Upper Listwarna”. It was nominated by the Polish government to title “Natura 2000”. The bogland is surrounded by a large pine forest complex, where raised peat bogs and swamps, as well as nearby swamp forests, rich in rare plants and protected animals.
One of the Częstochowa sanctuaries is the church of the Divine Mercy, also known as the Valley of the Divine Mercy. It is located at the western foot of Jasna Góra. It is one of the younger centers of worship. It was built in the first years after World War II, when the Pallottines built a monastic house and a church on the site of an old brickyard. In the following years, a painting of the Merciful Christ, painted according to the vision of Saint Sister Faustina, was placed in the church.
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The object: public bathrooms (sink, toilet, shower), bar, sauna, gym, table tennis, tennis, sports field, playground, BBQ, parking, tennis with artificial surface is open daily from 8.00 am to 20.00.
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