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Warownia Pszczyńskich Rycerzy Restaurant

Would you like to move back in time and meet medieval Pszczyna? Here you will feel the atmosphere of old Pszczyna and get to know what burghers, knights, peasants and princes ate and drank. All of this is  waiting for you only in one place in Silesia. Here you can taste traditional dishes based on natural ingrdients. 

The restaurant is a member of the “Silesian Tastes” Culinary Trail.

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street Bielska 50
General Information
: restaurant, szlak kulinarny
: Polish, regional, Silesian
Contact data
: +48 32 215 01 18
Prices & amenities
: air conditioning, we speak English, car park, we accept payments, others
: whole year

Mon - Fri 12:00 - 22:00

Sat- Sun 11:00 - 22:00


City audio tours

Zapraszamy na audiowycieczkę po Pokazowej Zagrodzie Żubrów w Pszczynie!
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Zapraszamy na przygotowaną specjalnie dla dzieci audiowycieczkę po starym mieście w Pszczynie!
We invite you to an audio tour of the centre of Pszczyna.

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Kapias' Gardens are situated on the outskirts of Goczałkowice-Zdrój and their history dates back to 1979, when the owner Bronisław Kapias decided to share his passion with others. He began to plant seedlings on a small patch of land. Currently, the gardens represent an extremely wide range of flora. There are beautiful specimens on the territory of two gardens, New and Old, which combined with the garden architecture create a unique, full of colors and floral scents place.
After the conquest by Prussia, Silesia was divided into districts. A number of the royal officials appeared in towns and cities, which at the same time meant that some privileges of the local lords were cancelled. Landrats - Prussian governors appointed by the king – took over power in the districts. The present building of the District Office was erected not before the 80s of the nineteenth century. Previously, the District Office occupied successively two other buildings.
The building of the District Court in Pszczyna, which stands at k. bp. Bogedaina St, to the south of the Market Square, belongs to the most impressive, historic edifices in the town. It was erected  for the royal court at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in the style which refers to the Dutch Renaissance . In the vicinity of the couthouse there is an austere building of an old prison, which today houses a hotel of the Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society.
Nasza pasja, wieloletnie doświadczenie pozwalają zaoferować Państwu najlepsze produkty, w korzystnych cenach, a także fachową pomoc. Sprawdź nas! KONIE TO NASZA WSPÓLNA PASJA
The Water Tower in Kilińskiego Street in Pless is certainly the most modern and most spectacular monument in the town. The modernized construction looks particularly interesting, when illuminated at night. It was built between 1927 and 1928 as part of the municipal water supply, and its reinforced concrete structure was made by the famous company of the brothers Gryczów. In 2010, a restaurant in the steampunk style was opened in the tower. It is a real find for fans of science fiction.
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Silesian Tastes Culinary Trail

The restaurant is located on Pszczyna market in a historic house, whose traditions date back to the eighteenth century.
Restauracja Kameralna przy Hotelu Piaskowy *** w Pszczynie to nastrojowe miejsce, które sprzyja zarówno kameralnym, jak ... More>>
The restaurant is situated in a picturesque village, on the edge of the Pszczyna forests, vis a vis Bison Reserve "Żubro... More>>


The hotel is located on the edge of the street Bielska Pszczyny 54 in the immediate vicinity of national road No.
Karczma Kuban (Kuban Tavern) is a restaurant in a highland style. The restaurant offers two parlors decorated in highland style and guest rooms.
We have aesthetically and functionally furnished with two 1-bed rooms and ten 2-person guest rooms (bathroom, TV, refrigerator and telephone) and three suites of rooms, bedroom, bathroom, TV, refrigerator and telephone. We have a room with a fireplace. Free parking in front of the building. Opportunity to use the services of a masseur. For g...
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Restauracja BORIM znajduje sie na terenie naszej stacji paliw w Pszczynie, przy ul. Bielskiej 50 (dawniej zwanej przez Pszczyniaków "drogą zbiorczą", która biegnie równolegle do drogi krajowej nr 1 (jadąc z Katowic w kierunku Bielska). Na stację można zjechać bezpośrednio z DK-1, trafić więc do niej jest nie tylko bardzo prosto, ale i dość szybko i wygodnie.
There is a place in Pless, where you can forget about everyday troubles and worries, meet friends, talk, listen to jazz ...
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