Category: Gastronomy
Restaurant Puszta

The restaurant is located outside the city center in the old district of Gliwice. Event: events, banquets and hotel accommodation in an intimate, operating at a restaurant.
street Kozielska 135
44-121 Gliwice
Silesia, Upper Silesian Agglomeration
in the city/town
General Information
: restaurant
: international, Polish
Contact data
: +48 32 2707888
: +48 32 3327640
Prices & amenities
: car park
: whole year

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The nature reserve "Las Dąbrowa" is similar to a natural forest complex. It is located on the border of Gliwice and Sosnicowice. The reserve was established in 2008. It covers almost 77 hectares. It also has an over two hundred hectare buffer zone. The reserve protects a scenic landscape of the area, but mainly oak-hornbeam and riparian forests with many rare species of animals and plants.
The Central Cemetery at Kozielska Street in Gliwice is an interesting example of modern urban necropolis, which is located in a park. The cemetery was established in the 1920s in response to the demand of the growing city on the Kłodnica river. It has an oval layout, with a symmetrical arrangement of plots and alleys. Two gates lead to the cemetery, and in its central part there is a monumental funeral home.
Kanał Gliwicki został wybudowany w latach 1934-1939, aby połączyć Śląsk z Odrą oraz portami Europy. Ma 40 km długości, a pokonanie ponad 43 m różnicy poziomów pomiędzy Gliwicami i Odrą w Kędzierzynie-Koźlu jest możliwe dzięki 6 śluzom, w których wysokość podnoszenia wynosi od 4 do ponad 10 m.
"The Museum of Sanitary Technology is the youngest museum in Gliwice. It was founded in 2005. It is located within premises of the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant, which until recently, was not a tourist attraction. In the renovated and stylish building of the pumping stations from the beginning of the last century, one can see some old sewage treatment equipment and a few decade old sanitary fittings, and afterwards, we can take a tour of the still operating plant, built for the twenty first century."
Marina Gliwice is a motorboat marina located in the port in Gliwice. The port is situated at the end of the Gliwice Canal which connects the Oder to the Upper Silesia. You can rent a motorboat or a canoe there or you can moor your own vessel. It organizes motorboat courses, trips, cruises, day camps, chanty concerts. Through the Gliwice Canal you can reach Koźle or you can follow the Oder and reach Szczecin, Berlin, Amsterdam.
One of the most monumental buildings in Gliwice stands at 2 Prymasa Stefana Wyszyńskiego Street. It is the Voivodeship Administrative Court building, which was erected in the early 1920s, as the seat of the estate management of Count Ballestrem. This magnificent building was designed in the neo-Baroque style by Hans von Poellnitz, who had previously worked for the Ballestrems.
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