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"Ignacy" Historic Mine

Industrial traditions of Rybnik date back to the 17th century when the Cistercians from the neighbouring Rudy opened a few steel plants along the Ruda River. A rapid development of industry took place in the middle of the 19th century when coal mines were opened in the vicinity and the city was provided with a railway line (1856). In the district of Niewiadom a complex of buildings of the former “Hoym” mine has been preserved, which was opened in 1792 - (since 1936 - “Ignacy”) with shafts “Oppburg” (“Głowacki”) and “Grundmann” (“Kościuszko”), two hoisting machines from 1900 and 1920 and auxiliary buildings. An attraction of the mine is the possibility of entering a vantage point in the 46-meter tall former water tower from which a vast panorama of the land of Rybnik stretches.

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222 years ago, the Prussian minister of the Silesian province, Karol Jerzy von Hoym, established the Royal Office of Mining and Metallurgy in Rybnik. On his order, geological surveys were commenced in the area of Rybnik, which resulted in the discovery of very rich coal deposits. The ultimate consequence of these operations was the founding of a mine, which was named “Hoym” in his honour. At that time it was the only state mine in the area of Rybnik. 175 years ago the mine changed its status - from state-owned, into miners-owned. It was sold then to the miners of the “Sylwester” mine from Rydułtowy. In subsequent years there were a few consolidations, and the most important one was the incorporation of the “Laura” mine. 74 years ago there was a significant change - the mine altered its name into “Ignacy”. It was done in honour of the president of the Republic of Poland at that time - Ignacy Mościcki.

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Rydułtowy is a town and a commune in the district of Wodzisław. The town has a long history. It was mentioned as early as the thirteenth century. Nowadays, it is now a well known center of coal mining. As a result of years of mining, there is a huge spoil tip of accumulated overburden. It is one of the largest of its type in Europe, and today, it is affectionately called "Charlotte", the landmark of the city.
Centrum Wspinania CECHOWNIA działa od wiosny 2008 roku. Jest pierwszą ścianą wspinaczkową w Rybniku, otwartą dla każdego, bez względu na wiek i sprawność fizyczną. Zapraszamy osoby początkujące, dzieci i doświadczonych wspinaczy. Ściana oferuje wspinanie po pionach, w małym i dużym przewieszeniu, w okapach i zacięciach. Na przygotowanych drogach wspinaczkowych każdy znajdzie swój Everest, na miarę swoich sił i ambicji.
Radlin is an industrial town in the district of Wodzisław. The coal mine "Marcel" operates here. It has retained an industrial complex of buildings from the early 20th century. Their structures as well as facades, roofs, carpentry and interior design elements are of great historic value. The hoist frame of the shaft “Wiktor” from 1913, with an electrical hoist machine in the head merits special attention.
Rydułtowy is relatively small town situated in the vicinity of Rybnik and Wodzisłąw Śląski. For over 200 years it has been one of the main centres of coal mining in Upper Silesia. a the beginning of the twenty first century the local mine  ʺRydułtowy-Anna” is still operating and soon coal will be mined here from one of the deepest shafts in Europe reaching  over 1200 metres in depth. Undoubtedly, every tourist will be interested in visiting the memorial chamber housed in a historic  building of the general cargo scale. In Rydułtowy and its vicinity there are also preserved buildings of older shafts.
W Rydułtowach przy KWK "Rydułtowy" w budynku byłej wagi tej kopalni zlokalizowana jest Kopalniana Izba Pamięci
The workers’ colony in Radlin was built at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth century for the workers of the mine “Emma” (since 1949, "Marcel"), which had been operating for many years in the town. The buildings of the colony were erected in front of the mine. There are houses of the executives of the mine, dormitories, familoks, which are houses for many families, designed for workers of the heavy industry, or public buildings. Among the designers of the colony were famous architects, William Mueller and Hans Poelzig.
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