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Maciej Shaft

“Maciej” Shaft is a complex of buildings of the former hard coal mine Concordia (later “Pstrowski”) situated in the district of Zabrze - Maciejów. The name of the shaft derives from the name of Maciej Wilczek, the owner of Zabrze estates. The history of these buildings from the beginning of the 20th century should finish along with the exhaustion of hard coal deposits in this area, fortunately, the new owner - Mining Company DEMEX Sp. z o.o., transformed the shaft into a deep well and the premises, buildings, structures, devices and equipment related to the site are available for tourists, constituting a part of the Industrial Monuments Route. At present, tourist can visit: the building with the operating double drum powered winding machine, building of the shaft top, the hoist tower and the shaft with a deep-water intake. In the “Maciej” Shaft, inside the adapted buildings as well as in the field and on the site we can see original machines which used to work for the purposes of the mine - learn about their construction and application.

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When the weather is good, from the viewing platform at the rope pulleys on the hoist tower a broad panorama of the area of Zabrze and Gliwice stretches. From the highest point of the site you can go down to the dark cellars of engine rooms, where you can stand face to face with the emerging elements of the mechanical and electrical system of the winding machine drive. Each of them is a masterpiece of technology on its own, and all together they create a unique atmosphere of communing with the forces of nature which were mastered by human technical thought. You can also see the inside of the ventilating duct - this way, when the mine was in operation, milliards of cubic meters of “used” air were exhausted into the atmosphere. On one of the steel posts of the hoist tower there is a trace of history from the last war - indentations from projectiles after firing the tower. “Maciej” Shaft is famous in the area for the fact that it supplies the “spring” of drinking water. People who use it claim that its taste is much better than of the water in the taps - you can find it by yourself - a “spring” tap is located outside the building, anyone can take water from there and freely enjoy its taste, providing that you are patient enough to stand in the queue, as the water is very popular not only among residents of Zabrze. While leaving the site you should also touch the original horse shoe (found during revitalization works of the main scales building) ... and say your wish ...


street Srebrna 6
41-819 Zabrze
Silesia, Upper Silesian Agglomeration
in the city/town, in the city/town centre
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: +48 32 276 17 76
: Informacja dla wszystkich miłośników wody z ujęcia Szyb Maciej - otwarte zostały dwa punkty poboru wody. Znajdują się one na końcu ulicy, przy wjeździe do Maciej studio artystyczne. Koszt wynosi 1zł za 10 litrów wody.
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: technology monuments, postindustrial
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Zwiedzanie: w każdy czwartek od 10 00 do 17 00, ponadto w każdym innym terminie po uzgodnieniu: tel. 32 271-24-49. W każdy czwartek o godz. 12.00 pokaz pracy maszyny wyciągowej.


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The present church of Saint Andrew the Apostle in Zabrze was built between 1863 and 1866. This building was erected in the neo-Romanesque, and in the subsequent years it was expanded and renovated several times. The church is on a rectangular plan. It has a tower with a belfry and it is decorated with pinnacles and stonework details. This is not the first shrine in this place.
Zabrze botanical garden is located in the city center. The initiator of its creation was Berckling Fritz, a qualified building inspector of garden facilities, a native of Halle. The garden was established in the interwar years, at the time when Zabrze belonged to Germany. The Garden has been greatly enlarged in the postwar years, and today it comprises botanical parks and a playground with many facilities for children, and economic areas with greenhouses and palm house.
The church of Saint Camillus in Zabrze is located on Traugutt Square, which is considered the most beautiful in the city. The building of the church was designed by Heinrich Gerlach, a Gliwice architect, but the square itself and a number of buildings on it, as well as the interior of the church are the work of Dominicus Boehm, a prominent German architect. In the interwar period, he successfully combined historicizing styles with popular Modernism. The hosts of the church are the fathers Camillians.
The House of Music and Dance in Zabrze is an auditorium. It was built in 1959. It was designed by renowned architects - Zygmunt Majerski and Julian Duchowicz. Currently, there are numerous regional and interregional events held in the hall. The facility has hosted many famous national and international artists. In terms of the number of seats, as well as acoustic and technical parameters, the House of Music and Dance ranks among the top of such places in the country.
The building of the King Jan III Sobieski Primary School No. 5 is one of the most beautiful educational facilities in Zabrze . It was built in the years 1904-1905 for the Catholic elementary schools that operated in the building until the Second World War. The school was erected on a rectangular plan and bricked up to a height of two floors. The building is Eclectic - with numerous elements of the Gothic art and even of ancient Egypt.
The Church of St Joseph in Zabrze was built in 1930-1931. It is one of the most avant-garde and beautiful Modernist buildings in Silesia. It was designed by Dominikus Boehm, a world-class architect. The massive, brick block with a tower in the shape of a cuboid, multi-storey arcades in front of the entrance, rough, subtly lit interior, many hidden symbolic elements. These features make the church stand out from other sacred buildings in Zabrze.
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Coal mine shaft Maciej is a complex of buildings of the former coal mine "Concordia", which is situated in the district... More>>
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Coal mine shaft Maciej is a complex of buildings of the former coal mine "Concordia", which is situated in the district of Zabrze - Maciejów. The interiors refer to the trends of post-industrial buildings. Here you can try an excellent meal and feel the unique atmosphere of this place.
The restaurant, located in the walls of the old school, organizes receptions, banquets and company meetings.
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