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'Pokoje u Leśniczego' - guest rooms

Sopotnia Wielka 428
34-340 Jeleśnia Sopotnia Wielka
Beskid Żywiecki
other, in the mountains, in the country
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: guest rooms and apartments, agritourism
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: 33 8601177
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: 20
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: whole year


Sopotnia Wielka
The waterfall in Wielka Sopotnia is the highest waterfall in the Beskids, as well as in the Silesian province. It measures 12 meters in height and is considered a natural monument. It is located in the center of the village, on the creek that bears the same name as the village. The attractive surroundings offer relaxation, and several hiking trails start from the village. They run to some very interesting places in the Beskids.
In the vicinity of Jeleśnia and Korbielów, close to the roads running to the border, there are defensive fortifications dating back to just before the Second World War. In contrast to the popular and frequently visited sites in Węgierska Górka, the local fortifications are much less well known and visited mostly by fans of militaries. There are several sites located in the vicinity Krzyżowa, situated on the road from Żywiec to Korbielów.
At the entrance to the conspicuous wooden building in the center of Jeleśnia on can read the following words: Hey, folks, are you crazy? Hey, folks, are you fools? There is a inn on the road, And you are going home? "The Old Inn" in Jeleśnia is one of many such places once standing in the villages of the Beskids. The origins of the inn, which now, as in the past, serves its purpose date, in general, to the sixteenth, seventeenth or eighteenth centuries. It is one of the monuments located on the Wooden Architecture Trail of the Silesia province.
The Baroque church of Saint Adalbert in Jeleśnia is a three nave building with some features of pseudo basilica (with the nave taller, than the aisles). The church has some interesting architectural elements inspired by the Slovakian culture. These include the dome, similar to those we can see in several churches of our southern neighbor. Karol Wojtyła visited the Jeleśnia parish several times - including the canonical visitation in the spring of 1978 - six months before he was elected pope.
The Regional Chamber of Creative Work at the Communal Cultural Center in Jeleśnia was established in 1973. It is located in the center of the village, in an old wooden hut, which is the former house of a local organiSt The chamber collects works of folk artists. It also organizes numerous classes for children and folklore events.
Przyłęków is a village in the district of Żywiec, in the commune of Świnna. In 1886, the village became famous for Marian apparitions. On the second of July, during the religious celebration of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Wojciech Stefko a local shepherd, prayed for the health of his only blind daughter, Mary. When a pious man got tired and he fell asleep. Mother of God appeared to him in a dream, recommending the construction of the chapel. It did not come about quickly, however.
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Silesian Tastes Culinary Trail

Unique in Europe a log-structured tavern. The building is listed on the Wooden Architecture Trail.
The restaurant is located in a historic building, which dates back in 1896.
Restauracja Chata Olimpijczyka Jasia i Helenki jest usytuowana w samym sercu pięknej, urokliwej Wisły.