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Agrotourist Cecilia and Andrew Ślosarczyk

Agriturismo Member Cecilia and Andrew Ślosarczyk Cup is located in the middle of the woods. They have camping house, shop and cafe "U Celina." The farms are located near forest areas, where you can pluck the berries, mushrooms and blueberries as well as the use of horses and carriages, which the hosts have. For Kokotka away from Koszęcin about 6 km can be reached by bike on a marked cycle path. The farm operates year-round.
street Harcerska 37
42 - 286 Piłka Koszęcin
in the forest
General Information
: agritourism
: none
Contact data
: +48 34 3570643
: whole year


The reserve "Jeleniak-Mikuliny" is located in the district of Koszęcin, near the village of Piłka, within the area of the primeval Świerklaniec-Lubliniec woodland, in the upper reaches of the Mała Panwia river. Most of the area is covered with two shallow, overgrown ponds, which are surrounded by the forest. The reserve protects primarily the original bog plants and crane breeding sites. In the reserve, there are also some rare and protected plants, including insectivorous ones.
The Pond “Posmyk” is located in the heart of the vast Lubliniec forest, in Kokotek, a tourist resort area of Lubliniec. Enthusiasts of recreation are attracted here by a rather shallow body of water with a length of more than 1.5 and a width of about 1 km. The resort offers swimming beaches, a water sports equipment rental shop and more. It is interesting to see some rare species of birds, or take part in a challenging race called the Convict’s Run.
The Leisure Center "Posmyk" in Lubliniec Kokotek is located in a quiet and picturesque area of the Lubliniec Forests and numerous ponds. You can breathe here exceptionally clean air, cycle along trails or go for a horseback ride. The centre is situated at the large pond called “Posmyk”, so water sports enthusiasts will also find something for themselves - kayaks, sailboats, pedal boats and pontoons.
In Wierzbie, an old village located near the district capital of Lubliniec, there is an imposing palace, which until recently housed a nursing home, and now is a private property. The first residence here was probably built in the seventeenth century, and the current shape is the result of numerous reconstructions of the following centuries. Above all, the Baroque main portal and the polygonal tower protruding from the roof merit tourists’ attention.
Sadów, also called Sodowje in the Silesian language and Sodow in German, is located in commune of Koszęcin, in the district of Lubliniec. The local brick church of Saint Joseph, dating from the early fourteenth century, is one of the oldest in Silesia. Next toit, there is a wooden bell tower, built in the seventeenth century. Because of this monument the village lies on the Wooden Architecture Trail of the Silesia province.
All fans of the National Song and Dance Ensemble "Śląsk" in memory of Stanisław Hadyna should visit its seat in Koszęcin near Lubliniec. A beautiful, Classicist palace (the seat of the ensemble) stands in this village. It is surrounded with a park and a park and a number of accompanying facilities. The Adolf Dygacz Creative Work House occupies in an old grange, which also houses the Chamber of Tradition presenting not only the tradition of memorabilia associated with the activities of the ensemble, but also regional attractions.
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