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Hostel In Loft

Hostel is located at Korczaka Street (next to the Expressway S86). The journey to the Katowice center takes about 5 minutes by car.

We offer accommodation in freshly renovated rooms with and without bathrooms. Guests can use the kitchen and free Wi-Fi. The prices include tea, coffee, bed linen, car park, Wi-Fi. Please arrive before 10:30pm.

  • Single room: PLN 60
  • Single room with a bathroom: PLN 80
  • Double room: PLN 9
  • Double room with a bathroom: PLN 110
  • Triple room with a bathroom: PLN 160
street Korczaka 95
40-340 Katowice
in the city/town
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: hostels
: none
Contact data
: 602 674 600
: whole year

City audio tours

Zapraszamy na audiowycieczkę po Katowicach!
We invite you to an audio tour of Katowice.
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For almost half a century, at any time of the year, we have been able to move to the tropics by visiting the Sosnowiec Exotarium located at Piłsudski Street. Here, we can find the vegetation of various climate zones - palm trees, Araucaria, coffee plants, pepper, orange and stunning succulent plants. In the Exotarium it is worthwhile to see a rich collection of the cichlid fish. It is also famous for its exhibition of orchids.
The church Saint Anthony of Padua in Katowice Dąbrówka Mała was built at the beginning of the last century. The church was built at the initiative of Ludwik Skowronek, parson of the parish in Bogucice. The building was designed by architects Meyers and Fischer from Wroclaw. The design is a plagiarism of Johann Klomp’s work, an architect of Dortmund. The church is a three-nave basilica with a distinctive tower, crowned with a bulbous dome and eclectic interior designs.
The town hall in Dąbrówka Mała, the northernmost district of Katowice, was built in 1907, when this industrial settlement was an autonomous commune. Communal authorities operated in it until 1951, when Dąbrówka Mała was incorpotared into Szopienice. The building was built of brick, in the Eclectic style. The most characteristic feature of the town hall is the centrally located tower with a dome and a decorated pediment with volute slopes.
The brothers Mokrscy built a brewery in Szopienice in the second half of the nineteenth century. They produced beer and malt until the First World War, and later brewery buildings served rather as storage functions. In 1991, the buildings of the old brewery were bought by Johannes Bros, an entrepreneur who performed a thorough revitalization of the historic brick buildings - typical examples of nineteenth-century industrial architecture. Today, the Factory Center operates in the brewery.
Szopienice, which is now part of Katowice, is an old village, already mentioned in 1360, and probably founded at the end of the thirteenth century. It was destroyed in 1430, during the Hussite wars. The village was abandoned for almost for a half century. In the middle of the sixteenth century, the neighboring village of Roździen became a Protestant center, with its own chapel. After several centuries, the village was absorbed by Szopienice. The present church was built in the Gothic style at the turn of the nineteenth and early twentieth century.
Walcownia Cynku w Katowicach - Szopienicach to poprzemysłowy zabytek, unikalny budynek na skalę światową, wpisany w industrialne dziedzictwo regionu, który realnie wpłynął na rozwój Śląska. Jest jednym z pomników historii potężnego przemysłu hutniczego dającego przecież nie tak dawno pracę i utrzymanie dla wielu pokoleń Katowic. Walcownię Cynku wybudowano obok Huty Bernhardi oraz linii kolejowej Szopienice-Siemianowice.
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Silesian Tastes Culinary Trail

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Dom Sportowca is located in the district of Old Sosnowiec, offers: Apartments, 5 double rooms with bathroom, 4-bed room without sanitation, 3-bed room with bathroom and TV.
Located on the S86 route Warsaw-Cieszyn, has in offer single, double and triple rooms.
Located in the historic Nikiszowiec settlement, offers single and double rooms with TV-SAT and Internet.
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Serdecznie zapraszamy Państwa do restauracji, winiarni Terra Mare. Nasza restauracja zachwyca nie tylko eleganckim, nowoczesnym, a zarazem przytulnym wnętrzem zabytkowego budynku ale przede wszystkim serwowanymi wyśmienitymi potrawami kuchni śródziemnomorskiej, opartymi na oryginalnych produktach i tradycyjnych recepturach, do przygotowania których podchodzimy z ogromną starannością, pasją i sercem.
Pyszne jedzenie, miła obsługa, dobra lokalizacja, zapraszamy
The restaurant is located in the center of Katowice, at the corner of ul.
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